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Henry Danger (season 5)

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Henry Danger

11 episodes

The plot of the children’s TV series “Henry Danger” tells about a simple schoolboy who got a dream job. He is an assistant superhero Captain Man. By the same teenager has constant access to the most modern gadgets. But there are also difficulties of his own – he must hide from his parents about his dangerous occupation and, moreover, there are problems at school because of the constant missing of lessons.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The cartoon begins with the story of Spider-Man, which fans know well. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is a classic story of the formation of a hero with all its pluses and minuses. In many ways, it repeats the formation of Peter Parker, but with a number of changes in the context of the origin of Morales himself – he is half African American, half Latin American. There is little time in the cartoon to study his roots, but the color and features of life of a simple guy from Brooklyn, who wants to be something big, transferred perfectly. (more…)


Heartland (season 12)

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6 episodes

In the focus of the plot of the Canadian project “Heartland” there are several generations of the same family who live in a small provincial town. The main characters differ in character and outlook on life, but this unites them. The characters are going through difficult times together, trying to understand their purpose in this life, to find a better hobby and profession. In such a difficult time for all, only unity saves.


13 episodes

Children, first of all, take an example from their parents, and then from their peers. If one or the other environment “freezes” in the network, wait for the same reaction with your child. Live communication between peers can be more and more interactive. Cool statuses in the social network, interesting quotes or statements – this is what teenager’s free time from school can take. This is what happens with teenagers in the series “Coop and Cami Ask the World”.

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

The main character of the cartoon Elliot the Littlest Reindeer” is a small deer named Elliot, who believes in a miracle. Then one day he gets a chance to do what he wants. The fact is that one of the Santa’s deer a few days before Christmas decided to retire. Now, Elliot has only three days to go through a tough selection at the North Pole and to prove that he is worthy of delivering Christmas presents to kids.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

7 episodes

The orphans Baudelaire, whose parents died in the fire, wander from one relative to another, and they are followed on the heels of the most distant and most insane relatives Olaf – an impoverished aristocrat and eccentric actor who has an obsessive idea to kill children and get a Baudelaire inheritance. Changing the guises, pretending to be an Italian serpentologist, or one-legged sailor, he brutally kills the Baudelaire guardians, thereby clearing his way to inheritance. A horrible tale “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on a multi-part children’s bestseller by Daniel Hendler.


Sydney to the Max (season 1)

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Sydney to the Max

3 episodes

Few manage to live in a full family, that is experienced by a young girl named Sydney. The main character of the series “Sydney to the Max” goes to school and experiencies some problems of his growing up. However, her father, Max, is trying to help her in everything. The protagonist works several jobs to provide for the child. It so happened that he has no wife, and Sydney does not know the mother’s affection and love. Max does not understand much in her growing up, because he is a man himself, and how to deal with a female child, he practically does not know. However, the main character tries to help the girl in everything.


Knight Squad (season 2)

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1 episodes

Brave Ciara studies at the legendary School of Knights in the magical Astoria. The girl – the star of the school, hiding a big secret – in fact, she is a princess. Then one day at school a complacent young man Arc appears who can cause Ciara to be exposed. Young people will have to make friends, because only together they will be able to fight for the honor of presenting Astoria in the coming battle.


Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

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Mary Poppins Returns

Not everything is calm in the house of Michael and Jane Banks: two lawyers took the peace of mind, one morning knocking on the door and telling Michael that he needed to repay the loan immediately (completely), otherwise Michael would lose not only peace but also home. The chances of saving the family house are extremely small, unless Michael finds a certificate for the shares left by his father — but only God knows where this certificate is. But suddenly a beautiful, young and so spectacular Mary Poppins came down from the sky on an umbrella.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The main heroine of the “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” teenager Klara is fond of physics and is able to fix a bizarre mechanism. Journey to the mysterious magical world was for Clara a kind of Christmas gift from her mother. Arranged the journey already her godfather Drosselmeyer. The fourth kingdom, which was headed by Helen Mirren in the form of a porcelain doll with a crack in hук cheek. She lives in a traveling circus and commands clowns.