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Channel 4


Traitors (season 1)

109 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

Traitors is a TV series starring Emma Appleton, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Keeley Hawes. A British civil servant agrees to spy on her own government for the Americans in the aftermath of WWII. (more…)


Crashing (season 3)

1,430 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

Modern realities are such that it is extremely difficult for young people, to find a normal job and buy a good apartment. And so it happened with the main characters of the British TV series “Crashing”. They have to save money on their own housing, living temporarily in an abandoned hospital. There, they conduct their observation of order and do everything possible to behave as calmly as possible so that they will not be evicted. However, the young years would not be themselves if the guys and girls really would have sat on the spot. The main characters get along well with each other. Each new day for them is another test of friendship and a sense of humor!


Pure (season 1)

471 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

She does not know where it came from, all these inappropriate and shocking thoughts. Clean thoughts, this is not about Marnie. She is simply unable to control her thoughts. They always have her aggressive or sexual nature. Now she presents her boss naked, then she wants to hit the old woman on the street or jump off the platform of the subway under the train. Many people think about such things, but fleetingly. Marnie is the opposite, she constantly thinks about such strange things and unusual actions, as if she cannot curb her violent and unhealthy fantasy. It began when she was fourteen and has been going on for almost ten years.


Catastrophe (season 4)

672 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The new season of the comedy-romantic project “Catastrophe”, which tells about the life of two completely different people who met in a completely unpredictable place under strange circumstances. Real passion, crazy feelings on the first night, an unexpected pregnancy that turns simple fun into a real disaster! Who would have thought that that spark between young people would turn into something … like this! Sharon and Rob, of course, will try to somehow resolve the situation, but so far funny comic moments turns out to be much more than seriousness!


No Offence (season 3)

4,064 views Comments (0)

No Offence

6 episodes

In the third season of a busy, exciting and at the same time fun American series from the life of the Manchester police “No Offence”, we will again meet with three female police officers. One of them is Vivien Deering, the head of the police station in Manchester, who managed to make her division the first in terms of crime detection. Another main heroine of the series is not very lucky, because detective Constable Diana Kowalski has great difficulties both at work and in her personal life. Joy Freese is a young woman who loves her job very much and has always dreamed of becoming a policeman, but she is not very fit for this type of activity in her psychophysical type. She is a very self-confident person. But all together they make up a very effective team.


Hang Ups (season 1)

1,251 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

In the focus of the series “Hang Ups” is a highly professional psychotherapist named Richard Pitt. The man gave his occupation for many years, and could not imagine that he would lose the meaning of his life. For many years working in one of the firms, the hero suddenly loses everything overnight. Once he is put before a fact, in which they say that he is deprived of the opportunity to conduct sessions, where a whole group of people gather in order to conduct therapy with them.


Ackley Bridge (season 2)

2,167 views Comments (0)

Ackley Bridge

12 episodes

Mandy Carter in the series “Ackey Bridge” assumes a very serious responsibility: she will become the director of a new joint school, which was organized after the merger of two completely different in the direction and temperament of educational institutions. In the teaching staff there have been some changes and replenishments. New teachers promise new approaches to learning. However, for conducting lessons the directress is experiencing the least. She is more concerned with how representatives of different ethnic and social groups will get along under the roof of one school. Ahead of the main characters awaits a lot of difficult dramatic life moments.


Flowers (season 2)

768 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Flowers is the family name, around which the plot of the black comedy “Flowers” revolves. Children’s writer Maurice at the very beginning of the series tries to hang himself. The rest of the members of the strange Flower family are not inferior to him – Deborah’s neurotic wife, obsessed with the desire to restore family happiness, a couple of spiteful eccentric children, overgrown twins still living with their parents: the son-inventor of all nonsense Donald, daughter-lesbian Amy. And Deborah’s mother, Hattie, who suffers from senile dementia.


Kiri (season 1)

584 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The series “Kiri” tells a story that happened with an African girl named Kiri. Or rather about her disappearance. Here we also will know about the fate of the social worker Miriam, who looked after the girl and who was accused of what happened. Everybody was against her — friends, bosses, the media and foster parents of the girl. Miriam understands that she will have to independently look for Kiri, but in the situation around the main character, it’s not so simple.


Kiss Me First (season 1)

761 views Comments (0)

Kiss Me First

6 episodes

The main character of the series “Kiss Me first” — the closed teenage girl Leila (Tallulah Rose Haddon) who has steeped in virtual reality of a game under the name “Agora” where whether it is possible to become slightly anyone. There she meets the young charismatic woman by the name of Tess, and soon meets her and in real life. Once Tess disappears. Perhaps, even commits a suicide, authors hint. After that Leila decides on the unexpected course — she appropriates the virtual character of Tess in “Agora” and begins to lead her life there.