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Miracle Workers (season 1)

433 views Comments (0)

Miracle Workers

2 episodes

A comedy series “Miracle Workers” is about the work of a lower-level angel responsible for receiving and delivering all prayers to the address, and his boss, God, who is much more obsessed with his favorite hobbies than with a working routine. God’s thinking of retiring, and he’s not up to humanity. Moreover, he would not mind and did get rid of the Earth with its many problems. The series is based on Simon Rich’s book What in God’s Name.


Angie Tribeca (season 4)

561 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Angie Tribeca is a TV series starring Rashida Jones, Jere Burns, and Andree Vermeulen. Lone-wolf detective Angie Tribeca and a squad of committed LAPD detectives investigate the most serious cases, from the murder of a ventriloquist… (more…)


The Guest Book (season 2)

4,830 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Mount Trace – a small cottage, where lovers of outdoor recreation in beautiful places come. Here it is possible to relax after the monotonous everyday life in the bustle of the city. The series “The Guest Book” tells the stories of visiting people. They bring their fatigue and also numerous stories from the past and prospects for adventure in the present. That is why different individuals here face either in conflicts of interest, or they manage to find a common language that can grow into a real friendship. Often lonely people come here who dream of finding a soul mate. Here they have a chance.


Wrecked (season 3)

5,603 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Survive after a plane crash on an uninhabited island? This is an incredible event about which the comedy series “Wrecked” will tell. According to the plot, the plane flies to Thailand, but along the way it crashes. Do not all die, and those who survive, about 30 people, are forced to fight for their survival on an uninhabited island without any means of communication. Here also it is necessary to learn all adventures of group of the former passengers, but only it will have a character of black humor.


The Last O.G. (season 1)

5,541 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Trаy returns to his native Brooklyn after a 15-year prison sentence and is really shocked at how much the world has changed. His former girlfriend Shay is now married to a polite and successful white guy with whom they raise twins, the children of Tray, whom the former prisoner did not even suspect. The only thing Tray wants is to get in touch with them. To somehow make ends meet and at the same time provide twins, the hero of the series “The Last O.G.” begins to explore the unfamiliar territory now with the help of the skills that he mastered in prison.


Final Space (season 1)

3,410 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Guardian of infinity warriors named Gary in the series “Final Space” was defeated by a villain unknown to us. His ship Galaxy1 was defeated, a faithful friend and companion, the anthropomorphic cat of Avocato, died in a battle with the enemy, and Quinn, who taught him everything, was also destroyed. Even Kevin, a robot hated by him, did not escape the tragic fate. Having lost all meaning to existence, Gary did not find another way out as to go to the past, where he, however, should lose his memories. The only thing he tried in every possible way to keep in his mind is that he needs to save Mooncake – that is the key to salvation in everything. (more…)


The Detour (season 3)

6,157 views Comments (0)

The Detour

10 episodes

The series “The Detour” – a television comedy, a real story of an unplanned family trip. A friendly married couple and their children are going to spend a memorable holiday together. Leaving the dog and the house in the care of her sister, the family leaves for the airport. As expected, the liner will take the Joneses to Florida, but the plans of the heroes will not come to fruition. Economical head of the family adjusts the route, deciding to get to Florida by car. This decision turns the family into a series of misadventures. Passing through Pennsylvania, they experience incredible upheavals, and an entertainment trip turns into a nightmare. Unsuccessful travelers meet inadequate truckers, their “reliable” car breaks down, and the roadside ice cream parlor turns out to be a striptease bar. Now most of all the Joneses want to go home, but half of the ill-fated road that separates Florida from Syracuse has already been passed, and the return seems like a distant prospect.


Search Party (season 2)

902 views Comments (0)

Search Party

10 episodes

The series “Search Party” is about four friends who once discover that their friend from Chantal College mysteriously disappears. In the center of the story is Dory. She is a fragile and clumsy girl who throughout her life was a failure. Together they will have to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Chantal’s former acquaintance. The main characters are trying to find her, despite the fact that they themselves simply have a lot of problems with their personal lives and careers. Together they have to find a way out not only from a difficult situation, but also from a protracted depression.


The Guest Book (season 1)

4,315 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Welcome to the town under the name Mount Trays. Here sometimes come tourists. For them a magnificent hotel was constructed here which is more similar to a cottage. Guests quite often are enraptured with the first view of apartments, but with horror leave this place several days later. It is because of local service personnel. These people always look for an opportunity to have fun. But they not always guess that it is really necessary for guests. It is difficult to execute whims of visitors when you don’t understand at all what is required from you. Sometimes between visitors happen the real hostility, so the servants should look for common language between each of the conflicting parties flashes somehow to agree. For this reason amusing and really cheerful situations happen to enviable regularity.


People of Earth (season 2)

6,087 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

In the center of the series “People of Earth” is Ozzie Graham. He works not for the first year as the journalist and of course, as a lot of people, he does not believe that aliens exist. He does excellent reports. For this purpose the management of the magazine so strongly values Ozzie. He is the real skeptic and the materialist. He often had to hear how people tell about aliens, spirits, demons. But Ozzie does not trust in all such nonsense. Once, he was charged to prepare the report about the people believing that they became objects of stealing of the UFO. The main character himself also begins to suspect that has once been stolen by aliens.